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Here at Paul's Place we provide temporary housing options to adult patients, and their caregivers, while receiving medical treatment in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Amy Torrez, founder and Executive Director, received the same generosity while taking care of her father, Paul, in Texas. Our mission is to 'Pay It Forward' in hopes other people can experience the same peace and comfort. Please contact us if you know of someone whom may benefit from our services, or personally want to get involved!


Who We Are



Our mission is to provide the comfort and support of being at home while being away from home. Our main focus is for the caregivers and at times, adult patients that reside outside of Allen County but are receiving treatment at any of the Fort Wayne hospitals. Whether the adult patient is receiving treatment for cancer or any other lifethreatening illnesses or medical conditions, or have suffered a traumatic accident. Paul’s Place: Support for Families will provide a temporary, fully furnished apartment home away from home.



The apartment homes will provide a few basic sundries, dishware, and linens. Opportunities will also be provided for nutritional counseling, hearty nutritional meals, and even training for caregivers of cancer patients on how to care for and alleviate symptoms of cancer treatment through massage therapy. Spiritual counseling will also be provided for those that wish to receive it.

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Mission & Vision

Caregivers need care too. Whether it is a healthy hearty meal or a solace away from the noise and commotion of a hospital, Paul's Place will help ease the stress for the caregiver.


​​Every little deed will

make a difference in the

lives of caregivers. Find out

how to become our partner.


We are members of Healthcare Hospitality Network, which supports homes that help and heal to be more effective in their service to patients and families.



Our story starts in 1999 when I was living in Austin, TX and my father was living in the ​Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. In mid- September, my father was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma. I would come to find out later that the doctors did not expect him to make it past the weekend. He responded very well to a new a relatively new treatment to stabilize him enough to start chemotherapy. He continued to do well with the treatment so for the next 3 months he stayed in ICU.

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Become a Sponsor
for part of our new home!

Bedroom Sponsor - $5,000


HVAC Sponsor - $7,000

Window Sponsor - $8,000


Basement Sponsor - $9,000

Garage Sponsor - $10,000


Kitchen Sponsor - $10,000

Living Room Sponsor - $10,000


How To Help

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a room for one night: $49
Sponsor a room for one week: $343


Donors will be recognized at the Annual Paul’s Place Support Gala based on their level of sponsorship listed below. 

Any sponsor that commits to consecutive multi-year donations at any level will be recognized for their ongoing commitment to Paul’s Place: Support for Families. We will recognize this dedicated group of Friends as the “Torrez Society”. They will receive special recognition on stewardship materials, both printed and digitally.

Providing Support

In order to keep this vision alive, we need your help. Whether your gift is large or small, your support will ensure that many families have a warm and comforting place to be together, at home away from home. If you would like to sponsor a room, make a contribution or volunteer your time to Paul's Place: Support for Families, please contact us at 260-444-8576. Paul's Place: Support for Families is a tax exempt organization under the 501 (c) (3) tax code.

Your donation can be sent to:

Paul's Place: Support for Families, Inc.
P.O. Box 12305
Fort Wayne, IN 46863

For additional information contact:
Phone: (260) 444-8576

Infinity Scarves

Even though my children never knew my father, their grandfather, they still felt compelled to help pay it forward by doing whatever they could to help support Paul's Place! They have always been on the creative side and have enjoyed making jewelry, knitting and even crocheting. We chose to create these Infinity Scarves to sell to help raise funds and awareness for Paul's Place as there are easy to do and easy to teach others to make them.

We offer these 3 main colors with removable "clasps". For custom coloring please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your order to be processed and shipped to you.

Each scarf is $12.00 plus S&H.


Have a youth group that needs a project? Ask about hosting a knitting party! We provide the yarn and teach you how to finger knit!


Not into knitting? Our events fall into your busy seasons? Then put your creativity to work by developing luncheons, golf outings, yard sales and more to raise money and awareness for Paul's Place. Please call us at 260-444-8576 or email at to learn more.


Thank you to our generous sponsors

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Paul's Place:
Support for Families, Inc.

P.O. Box 12305, Fort Wayne, IN 46863

Paul's Place: Support for Families, Inc.


Apartments located in Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods

1208 Cowen Place

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Phone: 260-444-8576


Amy Torrez

Founder and Executive Director


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